Jewelry Appraisals

jewelry appraisals south shore MAWhat is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a written document prepared by an independent appraiser, describing your jewelry and giving a value as of a specific date. There is no governing or licensing body for jewelry appraisers, so it is critical to choose an appraiser who is certified, and has a high level of product knowledge and experience.

Jewelry Appraisals at New England Jewelry

Our Graduate Gemologist has been appraising jewelry for decades.

Please bring in any documentation, including prior appraisals and diamond certificates. Many people come to us because they have inherited jewelry or have owned a piece for years and have no idea of its actual value today. Our customers have the option to have all appraisals done in front of you while your wait.

We provide two types of appraisals, written and verbal.

Written Jewelry Appraisals

  • A formal document describing and valuing your jewelry, diamonds and gems, with a photograph
  • Used for insurance purposes, estate valuation and tax purposes

Verbal Jewelry Appraisals

  • General valuation, stone and metal identification for any number of items
  • Determine if an item is authentic (Is it a “real” diamond)
  • Determine a fair selling price to a private party
  • General estate valuation where taxation is not a factor

Due to the dramatic increase in price of gold, silver and diamonds, we have found that a lot our customers have needed to update their appraisals to reflect the current market value.  You don’t want to be in a situation where you have a loss and your current appraisal doesn’t reflect the true replacement value of your piece. We can help you get fully protected!

Please give us a call at 781 749-8318 and let us know when you can stop in with the pieces you need appraised.