Diamond & Gem Re-Cutting

custom jewelry design, South Shore MADiamond & Gem Re-Cutting

Diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, but they can chip or crack. Once a diamond or gemstone is chipped or cracked it is at risk of further damage, similar to a ding in a windshield that is left untreated.

Should you get your Stone Re-cut?

That’s a good question. It really depends on you. If your damage is visible and distracts from the beauty of the stone, and if the stone is worth getting repaired, then by all means, get it done.

Having chips or breaks in your stone does make your diamond weaker and more prone to chipping or breaking. It’s wise to have the process done if possible. Also, removing chips or breaks from a diamond or gemstone generally makes the stone more valuable as well. This depends on how much Carat Weight is lost of course. But damages do affect the clarity and value. We’d be happy to give you our professional opinion on whether re-cutting is the right thing for your diamond or gemstone.

Most diamonds are originally cut to yield a bigger gem, instead of a beautiful diamond that sparkles. Reshaping your diamond often gives a surprising increase in its brilliance.

Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Services

  • Polishing scratched gems. Gems will be removed from the jewelry before polishing, and then reset
  • Replacing missing gems, including inlaid gems such as opal, onyx and many others
  • Recutting chipped or cracked gems
  • Cutting gems from rough material to your specifications

If you have any stones which show wear or damage and need improvement, please don’t hesitate to stop by New England Jewelry and speak to one of our jewelry experts. We strive to provide you with an informative, no-pressure consultation. Or, give us a call at 781 749-8318 to set up an appointment.