Custom and Machine Engraving

Engraving jewelry is the perfect way to make an already special gift much more personal and meaningful. Jewelry engraving first became popular during the Victorian era. Beautiful poems, quotes and important dates were hand-engraved on the back of lockets and the inside of rings for a secret, sentimental meaning that only the wearer knows. Engraving technology has come a long way, but the timelessness of engraved jewelry hasn’t changed.

The time-honored craft of hand-engraving can add intricate detail and fine one-of-a-kind design to your chosen piece.

Utilizing laser and rotary engravers, our designers can personalize gold, silver, and platinum, along with stainless steel and glass. Giving you the ability to turn almost any item into a precious keepsake.

Picking The Perfect Words

Once you’ve decided to have a piece of jewelry engraved, you need to choose the perfect words. Engravings can be as simple as “Forever” but the most meaningful ones convey something unique and personal about your relationship. This is certainly true for wedding bands, which are very popular items for engraving.

Here are Some Great Ideas for Finding the Perfect Words to have Engraved

Wedding Vows
Wedding Date
Lyrics from a Favorite Song
Words from a Poem
Religious Phrase or Verse


Whether you’ve found the perfect words, or if you’re still searching, New England Jewelry would be happy to advise you on engraving a new piece you select, or custom engraving your existing jewelry! Stop by or, give us a call at 781 749-8318 to set up an appointment.